belmag R&D / Design Processes

R&D / Design Processes

    To produce truly high-quality product is to design a product.

    Designing new products BelMag research and development department puts an emphasis on each component, specifically, not only on the shape, but also on the material of a product as well as technologies used in manufacture.

    BelMag works closely with the leading specialists of Nosov Magnitogorsk and Bauman Moscow state technical universities, therefore scientific activity of the company is more than successful and still has all prospects for prosperity.

    One of the results of scientific approach in auto parts developing and designing is a range of patents and inventions, practical value
    of which is traced on different stages of company development.

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    BelMag has in-house validation center that has no analogues in Russia.

    Laboratories of the company are fitted with equipment produced by leading global manufacturers as well as equipment manufactured
    in-house by BelMag specialists.

    Durability and wear tests are performed according to domestic and foreign car manufacturers’ requirements. Such tests fully simulate climatic conditions (heat, cold, water, road dust etc.).

    The results of these tests are so realistic that it allows to avoid expensive and time-consuming road tests.

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    BelMag scientific activity is an essential part of the company's life.

    Since the time the company was founded it works closely with Nosov Magnitogorsk and Bauman Moscow state technical universities.
    Most of engineering specialists in BelMag are graduates of these universities.

    In 2001 in Nosov Magnitogorsk state technical university the Department of technology, certification and car service was opened, the head of which was Doctor of Technical Science, professor and today BelMag CEO — Igor Gun.

    With the lead of BelMag CEO, Igor Gun, and in cooperation with university researchers scientific direction in the field of research and improvement of suspension and steering parts manufacturing process successfully operates.

    One of the outcomes of such cooperation is 1 Doctor of Technical Science and 8 Candidates of Technical Science working in BelMag.

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