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    BelMag is one of the leading Russian producers of suspension components.

    BelMag is a family-owned company. Started from nothing it was founded in 1996. But just in 3 short years company rapidly expanded, opening its own production and assembling complex.

    Today BelMag is a leading research and development center. Our production network includes stamping, heat treatment, machining, assembling and a world class test center.

    Design, assembly, high-quality machining are among our key competence. With the use of advanced technologies and high-tech equipment BelMag produces reliable suspension parts and components (suspension ball joints, inner ball joints, outer ball joints, stabilizer links and steering links).

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    More about BelMag

    BelMag is a single entity and a united team of progressive-minded professionals.

    The very name the company AO NPO BelMag already defines it R&D and production center since NPO stands for scientific-production association. In order to develop new designs considering all technical capabilities and therefore to avoid long delays between the start of development and serial production, BelMag, as many other such facilities, decided to consolidate research and production activities into single entity.

    More than 360 employees work together to build on the success of BelMag: there are engineering, research and development specialists,    1 Professor, 1 Doctor of Technical Science and 8 Candidates of Technical Science.

    Moreover, BelMag works closely with Nosov Magnitogorsk and Bauman Moscow state technical universities.

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    Stages in the development of an auto parts leader in the Russian market.

    BelMag was founded in 1996. At first there were some rented areas for manufacturing just a few auto parts, but 3 years later the company provided keen competition to the largest players on the Russian auto parts market.

    Moving ahead constantly, scientific and technological potential and solid improvement in all the areas allowed BelMag to become
    a supplier as early as 10 years later since its foundation.

    Today BelMag is the largest Russian manufacturer of suspension parts, the leader in Russia in the development and production of chassis ball joints.

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    High quality as a reference point.

    The main strategic target of the company is enhancing the effectiveness constantly. To reach it BelMag follows the basic principle which involves a continuing process and production quality improvement.

    Since 1999 BelMag develops and refines the quality policy and quality management system in accordance with contemporary international standards. Currently QMS is certified under international quality standard IATF 16949:2016 in the area of design and manufacturing attachment parts for suspension and steering.

    BelMag successfully passed audits manufacturing processes and existing quality management system of the company are always approved for supplies.

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    One of a kind company.

    Numerous awards in Russian and international competitions confirm deserved recognition of the BelMag product quality. Each year the company is rewarded with the golden diploma of “100 Best Goods of Russia” program since 2000. BelMag products are always awarded by Russian auto market experts as “Automotive Component of the Year”.

    The most significant evaluation of the BelMag products is two-fold possession of “Best Supplier” awarded by Adam Smith Institute,
    and “European Quality” awarded by European business-assembly. Moreover, BelMag is a Russian government award finalist in the sphere
    of quality.

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    Magnitogorsk: the city of heavy industry and rich culture.

    Located in the city with a unique history and location BelMag along with other large enterprises and companies became an important part of the Russian metallurgical center.

    Magnitogorsk is a city of contrasts which combines pragmatism from the West culture and wisdom from the East one. The center of the city is Ural River which is also the boundary between Europe and Asia. Despite of the fact that Magnitogorsk is a classic example of soviet socialist built tradition the city managed to catch the wave of the new age, and that made it contemporary and prosperous in all the areas.

    Geographic location of Magnitogorsk provides effective logistics in the country and beyond.

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